Airport Services

TSA Special Needs

The Transportation Security Administration is answerable for transitioning special needs passengers through the terminal's security checkpoints.

Passengers traveling with medical devices, such as specialized apparatuses or syringes, might be questioned by the TSA agents. Travelers should verify the requirements with the airline in advance of the scheduled flight. According to FAA guidelines, people with diabetes who require syringes on their trips should pack a vial of insulin with a pharmaceutical pre-printed description, which classifies the medicine. Letters of medical necessity and prescriptions are not accepted because of the possibility of forgery.

Many airlines are assigning companion passes to non-travelers aiding passengers with disabilities traveling alone, allowing them to guide travelers with special needs to their gates. Passengers should make sure their airlines have these options available.

Wheelchairs are available in the main terminal building on a first-come, first-served basis,


Fifth Third Bank provides an ATM machine located on the first floor adjacent to the TSA Screening Checkpoint.

Currently, there are no foreign currency exchange services at Toledo Express Airport.


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the terminal facility. The Name of the Wi-Fi is "ToledoExpress."


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