Duty free

Departing passengers have the option to wait for their scheduled flight in the passenger waiting area, located on the secure part of the airport, on the second floor of the main terminal. There is a local branch of Subway restaurant and a coffee stand called Flying Java. There is also a gift shop before the security screening checkpoint, near to the front entrance and the airline ticketing.


Subway is an American restaurant franchise mainly selling sub sandwiches and salads. Lunches are prepared in front of customers with custom ingredients. The local branch has positive reviews from the visitors to the airport and seems to be an excellent place to have a quick fresh meal before departing on a long flight.


The food court on the second floor also features a bar offering alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages to passengers. The bar has a TV monitor showing local news programs and sports channels.

Flying Java

Flying Java is located right next to the Subway and offers a wide choice of coffees and snacks. Their snack bar menu includes bagels, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cereal, fresh fruit, hot dog, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, deluxe pizza, and cheese sandwich.

Gift Shop

Deli Express is located on the first floor of the main terminal and offers gift items, clothes, souvenirs, books, magazines as well as food and drinking items.


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